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I asked the retreat ladies to choose 3 words that best summed up the weekend, here are a selection !!
Fun, Uplifting, Bonding, Life-enhancing, Perfect !!!
And a few comments
"Wow, I didn't expect that 
"Time to have fun, time to reflect, time to rejuvenate"
"Never a dull moment!"


"I would like to feedback about the Intermediate class which is for me just at the right pace.

I love the variety of poses you include as there is always something new to try. Loved the wall pose last night-how relaxing!

I just wanted to say thanks again Sue you have been a consistent highlight of each week in this time where everything else is uncertain.

I can always feel the work we do the following day which is all good".

"What a joy it's been to return to yoga after much deliberating and good intention.  Having decided to take the plunge, along came Lockdown and with it the beginning of my

relationship with zoom and online yoga.  For the past few months from the comfort of my own home I have felt inspired to move from Beginners to Intermediate, confidently led by Sue-perbly organised yoga that safely encourages and wisely informs at each and every stretch and twist.  I’m loving it"!

"Having a one to one session with Sue enables me to have an hour of tailored yoga that meets my needs. I did not have the confidence to attend a class as I have issues with stress and anxiety and I feel very self conscious. I was a complete yoga novice when I started the sessions and can quite safely say that my physical and mental health have improved dramatically since we began the sessions six months ago. Sue's gentle approach to the sessions and the routines she carefully creates reflect how I have felt during the week and I have come to view my time with Sue as my sanctuary away from the hectic and strange world we currently live in".



"Using my sankalpa as a statement at the beginning of each session has started to affect my day to day decision making in a very positive way. I am taking time to make better choices for my lifestyle and whilst I have had the occasional blip, the strength of the statement in the nidra session has, I think, firmly lodged it in my subconscious. Whilst I cannot scientifically correlate the evidence I do believe that my ability to come off my stress and anxiety medication has been partly because of this".

"I really enjoyed Saturday’s session, thank you. The thing that completely surprised me was how crystal clear and fresh my mind felt afterwards, it probably felt like that for a good hour or so".

"I have enjoyed the classes immensely and it has really helped my breathing".



"Sue's classes are friendly and informative.  She has a wide experience and knowledge from her nursing background which she brings to the classes which are a good mixture of yoga and pilates style exercises.  Good for beginners as she takes you carefully through the poses and offers alternatives for those with any issues. I would recommend that you give Sue's classes a try"! 

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