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I believe everyone, whatever their level of fitness, should start with the basics.  Yoga is not about ego; in fact it teaches us about the dangers of being too attached to our ego’s.  It is also true that you can injure yourself if you practice incorrectly or push yourself too hard. Unfortunately, our modern-day lifestyles encourage us to do more and more and be better than before, it can be quite relentless, it is no surprise that many of us become “burnt out”.  Yoga helps you to take a step back, re evaluate and maybe be a little kinder to yourself.

In my beginners class I will teach you some of the philosophy of yoga, the long list of well being benefits, the principles of yoga and all the basic asanas (postures).  You can progress on to the improvers class as and when you feel ready.  I will give plenty of verbal and posture guidance in this class, which will enable you as a beginner to get the most out of the session.



This class is perfect if you already have some experience of yoga.  The class will flow more than the beginners class with sequences consisting of lots of different asanas and breath work.  We can really focus on carrying out the sequences smoothly and correctly, gaining maximum benefit and focusing on our breathing.



This will be a slightly stronger class, suitable for those with some experience of yoga or pilates.  It is still primarily "YOGA" .  We will start and end with relaxation with the main part of the class following a series of flowing sequences, core work and joint stabilising work .  What makes this class a little different and popular is the use of light hand weights and stretchy bands ! This type of class is perfect if you want to become stronger, if practised regularly, it may also help to facilitate weight loss and muscle strength as part of a healthy lifestyle.  The class will be set to more “up beat” music.



This class is super relaxing and may be a new experience for many of you.  Yoga Nidra is yogic sleep, its health benefits are numerous and it is said to be as restorative as several hours of deep sleep, join this class and I will explain further! We begin with breathwork, we then practice very gentle asanas held for up to three minutes and finish with 30 minutes of yoga Nidra.  Often people are wary of this kind of practice, I would say, come with an open mind, you may just enjoy it. Clients describe having a crystal clear mind afterwards and experiencing all sorts of things, usually things that need addressing, helping us to move forwards with our lives.



This class is for those who may find it difficult to work from the mat or just want something a little different.  It is not just a chair based exercise class, it is still “yoga”.  We will start and end with relaxation.  Lots of the chair based postures are modified yoga asanas, so we will still be practising down dog, warrior 1 and 2 and forward folds as well as lots of others.  Some of the class is standing, but using the chair to facilitate movement or to provide reassurance when doing balance postures.



Yoga flow at Hope Bowdler VH,  Monday 5-6 pm


A moderate class for those with some prior experience of yoga/pilates.

Yoga Flow at Church Preen VH, Tuesday 6.30-7.30 pm 

A moderate class for those with some prior experience of yoga/pilates.

Chair Yoga at Rushbury VH Wednesday 10am 

Very popular class for anyone who wants a good stretch, to build strength and improve posture and balance, working from chair and standing by chair. 

Yoga flow at Westhope VH,  Thursday 9.45-10.45 am

A moderate class for those with some prior experience of yoga/pilates.


New YOGALATES class Wednesdays and Thursdays 6-7pm Rushbury VH

I am very excited to announce this new class having completed my 80 hour teacher training yogalates programme.  Yogalates combines the best of both yoga and pilates.  You will experience the holistic benefits of yoga as in a regular yoga class but in addition to this a section of the class will focus more specifically on core work, and strength and joint stability using stretchy bands and weights. It may be a little different and do expect lively music for part of the class.  A really fun class.

I can also cater for larger groups at an alternative venue of your choice within Shropshire.  I am also happy to host a live online yoga one off class, a beginner experience via Zoom for groups e.g. W.I's or any clubs or society who would like to "meet" and try something different, particularly nice in these times when it's difficult for us to get together in the usual ways. Chair yoga is particularly well suited to this format. 

I am also very happy to work with you on a 1:1 basis face to face or online, please just get in touch with me if you wish to discuss further.


Physical classes                                                                     £8.00 per session

Outdoor classes                                                                    Costs vary

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